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Why work with TrialsWest?

Our team has extensive experience in all facets of managing clinical trials from feasibility through to site closure.

As an independent research organisation we utilise a private ethics committee (Bellberry HREC) and have internal research governance. This means that the time taken to get a study approved is kept to a bare minimum.

It is possible that the time from feasibility to first participant enrolled can be less than 6 weeks. As well, we are consistently one of the highest recruiting sites in Australia, if not globally.

Our team has experience in:
  • Completing feasibility questionnaires
  • Essential document collection
  • Budget and contract negotiations
  • Preparation and submission of HREC applications
  • Development of patient information sheets and consent forms
  • Preparation of source data collection tools
  • Selection and screening of potential study participants
  • Data collection according to the clinical study protocol
  • Completion of both paper and electronic case report forms (e.g., INFORM, iMedidata RAVE, Oracle)
  • A range of IVRS / IWRS (e.g., ClinPhone, RAMOS, ICON Flex, ALMAC)
  • A range of respiratory testing devices provided by 3rd party vendors including spirometers and peak flow meters
  • A range of cardiology testing devices including ECGs and holter monitors
  • All staff are trained in phlebotomy
  • Processing of human specimens including blood, urine, faeces and sputum
  • Performing sputum inductions
  • Exhaled nitric oxide measurements
  • Blood pressure, pulse, temperature and oxygen saturation measurements
  • Electronic patient-reported outcome devices from 3rd party vendors
  • ICH GCP certifications
  • Dangerous Goods Handling Certifications
  • Close working relationships with local private pathology, pharmacy and radiology providers
Our secure suite comprises:
  • Eight consulting rooms
  • Large reception area
  • Laboratory area
  • Treatment Room
  • Triple, locked area for storing investigational products (temperature-monitored)
  • Two temperature-monitored vaccine fridges
  • Two temperature-monitored ambient storage cabinets
  • Temperature-monitored -20oC freezer
  • Temperature-monitored -80oC freezer
  • Spirometers
  • Refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges
  • ECG
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Weight scales
  • Weather station for recording temperature, humidity and barometric pressure
  • Emergency equipment including oxygen

All of our equipment is regularly maintained and serviced

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